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Hospital Liens

Financial Claims That Affect Your Personal Injury Compensation

After an accident, you might have had to receive medical care in a hospital’s emergency room or in another part of the hospital. If you did not pay for these services, the hospital that provided you medical care could file a hospital lien against your personal injury claim or lawsuit. This means that part of the money recovered through your settlement or court judgment could end up going to the hospital to cover your medical expenses.

According to Georgia Code (O.C.G.A. § 44-14-470), these liens can be for reasonable charges applied for care or treatment that was provided by a hospital, physician practice, nursing home or traumatic burn care medical practice. There are also Medicare and Medicaid liens that can affect injury victims’ cases. It is important to note that liens by healthcare providers can only be filed against injury victims’ legal causes of action and not against the actual individuals themselves or their property.

Working with a North Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer

Liens such as these are a crucial aspect that you must consider when handling your personal injury case. North Georgia Personal Injury Attorney Steven Leibel and the other lawyers at our firm are highly knowledgeable about how medical and other healthcare-related liens work. Our team can help you deal with these issues so that you can reduce your chances of having to deal with additional lawsuits in the future.

Sometimes hospitals try to claim more than they should, or they do not take the proper steps in making a lien enforceable. In these cases, we might be able to help you minimize the amount of payment that must be made to the medical entity after a settlement or judgment is obtained. Contact Leibel Law to begin learning about your options for effectively handling hospital liens.