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How Serious are your Injuries

Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help Prove Your Case

When individuals get in accidents, the physical damage to the victim is not always clear right away. A person might suffer from internal injuries or other types of injuries that do not manifest immediately or that have delayed symptoms. When injury claims are delayed, the party responsible for the accident might try to assert that the victim is fabricating his or her injuries simply for financial purposes. Victims also often come up against challenges when they suffer from injuries that are not as physically visible as others, such as soft-tissue injuries.

If you were injured in an accident, it is of utmost importance that you work with a skilled personal injury attorney who can help you identify the true extent of your injuries and prove this through the appropriate documentation. Just because the effects of your injuries are delayed or less visible, that does not make them any less painful and damaging. At Leibel Law, we have highly qualified North Georgia personal injury lawyers who can help you protect your rights to fair financial compensation.

Examples of Injuries with Delayed Manifestation

There are many examples of injuries that might have delayed manifestation. For example, many individuals who are in auto accidents do not feel pain or discomfort until the days following the incident. The crash victim might not feel the effects of whiplash or other soft-tissue injuries until later on. Other injuries that could have delayed symptoms include head injuries, brain injuries and emotional trauma such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

In some cases, it is better to wait a certain period of time to file a claim or lawsuit so that the full extent of injury can be properly determined, with the help of an attorney. By accepting a settlement too early, you could end up missing out on full compensation for your medical costs.

How to Prove the Seriousness of Your Injury

When you are making a personal injury claim or filing a personal injury lawsuit, you will typically need to include proof of your injury, including how serious the injury is. At our firm, we work to help you collect the appropriate medical records that show the facts about your physical state. Testimony from medical professionals and experts can also make a major impact in proving the extent of your injury during a trial. The other party’s insurance company will likely try to refute your injury claims by accusing you of lying or exaggerating, or claiming that your injuries occurred through other causes. You need to be prepared for such underhanded tactics by having a strong legal representative on your side.

Our goal is to help you fight for the maximum level of compensation to which you are entitled. Contact our firm as soon as possible after your accident occurs so we can help you properly assess the medical damages that should be included in your claim.