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Insurance Company Contact

Avoiding Contact with Insurance Company Representatives

It is crucial that you do not talk to any insurance company representatives after you are injured in an accident. This is your lawyer’s job. While the questions the insurance company asks you might seem harmless, there is a good chance that the insurer is simply trying to obtain information that could be used against you in court. All it takes is one statement to change the entire course of your personal injury case and make you lose all or part of your compensation—even if that statement is taken out of context.

This why we at Leibel Law advise our clients to avoid speaking to any insurance company representatives, and to call us immediately if they are contacted by these companies. Our Northern Georgia personal injury lawyers are fully capable of handling the situation.

You might be wondering why insurance companies would try to use information against you in your case. This is because these companies often are more concerned about their profit margins than they are about paying injury victims the compensation that they are rightfully due. Insurance companies will often try to find ways to minimize your settlement amount, whether that is by claiming that you are partially at fault of the accident or by asserting that your injuries actually resulted from other causes.

North Georgia Personal Injury Attorneys Protecting Your Interests

Attorney Steven Leibel and the other lawyers he works with are fully knowledgeable about how to deal with insurance companies, big corporations and others who might try to take advantage of you. When working us, you can rest assured that our lawyers are diligently working to protecting your best interests.

We have decades of experience and have achieved several record verdicts for our clients. Contact us so we can provide you with the high-quality legal representation!