Keeping Safe During the Winter Season

03 December 2021
winter car accident

As winter approaches it’s time for us to take a safety check. We should look at the maintenance needs of our vehicles. Are they roadworthy? Have our tires been visually inspected? Did we put off replacing them? Have we checked our antifreeze? Wiper blades? Aside from looking at our vehicles, have we looked at the safety issues which may plague our homes? Do we have floor mats at the front door? Are the stairs rickety or unstable? Is the back deck structurally sound? Does your backyard fence contain your pets?? Is your HVAC system leaking or emitting carbon dioxide? Weather makes all these defects worse. It’s important to look now, and repair before they can cause harm to yourself and others.

I advise folks to look at their policies of insurance starting with health insurance. What are your deductibles? Do you have the resources to pay doctors if the deductibles or care is not covered? Do I have disability benefits to cover lost wages? Household expenses?

I then advise a look at auto insurance policies. Do I have medical payments coverage? Coverage for medicals regardless of fault. Coverage for family members even when they ride in some one vehicle and coverage for passengers. Coverage that fills the gap for health care deductibles. As part of my auto policy do I have adequate liability coverage? Will it be enough to protect my home and other assets if I cause an accident where others are injured?

I then advise a look at uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Will those limits compensate me if the person hitting me doesn’t have any coverage or not enough coverage? Are minimum limits of $25,000 enough to take care of the family lifestyle including lost wages, mortgage payments when rehabbing. Will there be enough insurance to recover what was lost?

Next it would be good to review homeowners’ policies. In addition to fire protection, these policies protect against roof damage, water damage and other hazards. Importantly Medical pay protections are available under homeowners’ policies to protect guests who get injured on premises regardless of fault.

The fact that these policies protect for liability claims is a major part of homeowners insurance. Most times homeowners only get policies based upon what the mortgage company requires rather than what is needed. Umbrella policies which add coverage are also available and should be considered based upon financial needs. After an accident is too late to have taken proper precautions to deal with weather and injuries. As we approach the Holiday Season, we should be grateful for all our blessings. We should also take time to assess our safety and insurance coverages.