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Medical Bills & Lost Wages

Seeking Compensation for Your Losses After an Accident

Individuals who are injured in accidents usually need to obtain medical care, which can lead to expensive medical bills. If you were in this position, you might have bills for the cost of an ambulance ride, emergency room care, consultations with medical specialists, surgeries, physical therapy and more. Catastrophic injuries can be particularly costly. In addition to these expenses, you can also end up suffering from lost wages if you have been forced to spend time out of work during your recovery period or if you are permanently disabled.

Filing a personal injury claim or lawsuit could allow you recover those costs, if you are successful in your case. If you obtain an adequate claim settlement from the responsible party’s insurance company or damages awarded after a trial, you will not have to bear the financial burden of the losses you suffered. Learn about your options for recovering these losses by consulting with North Georgia Personal Injury Attorney Steven Leibel or one of the other talented lawyers at our law firm.

Assistance from a North Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer

In the old days, medical bills and lost wages were paid for through a no-fault system. Today, that has changed—the injury victim now has to prove the other party’s fault before these expenses can be covered. Our firm can help you work to obtain all the necessary evidence for showing the other party’s fault and the true costs of your medical bills and lost income. Medical records, medical billing statements and employment documentation are just a few of the things that can play a major role in providing this proof.

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