Medicare and me? What do I need to do if I’m in an accident?

10 September 2021

Medicare and me? What do I need to do if I’m in an accident?

You weren’t expecting to be in an accident. You and your family members made it through it, although you did suffer different injuries. Each of you spent time in the emergency room, and at least one of you was admitted to the hospital. Some of you will have to follow up with a physical therapist. Your recovery times are dim, and it’s taking longer than you thought for life to get back to normal. During the chaos of everything, you know you did the right thing about reporting the accident to your insurance company, but you’re wondering what happens on the back end of things with Medicare. At Leibel Law, your personal injury attorneys in North Georgia, we see many instances of how Medicare handles the payouts and payments of injuries that occur in North Georgia car accidents.

What is Covered for GA Accident Victims with Medicare?

Medicare will cover your medical expenses provided you went through the proper and approved channels for medical appointments, in-network providers, obtained the appropriate referrals when seeing specialists, and so forth. The treatment for your injuries is covered under what is allowable for your specific Medicare plan. The amounts for this vary for each person.

Seeing a physician for recovery doesn’t stop there, however. Medicare requires reimbursement for the medical expenses paid by the insurance company or by the personal injury settlement payout if you filed one. At each step of your medical journey, if it is related to the accident and your medical care, you want to keep detailed records of visits, dates, doctor’s names, notes, prescriptions, and receipts for everything.

The law doesn’t require the at-fault party to pay for your medical bills right away. You might need some of this information while your case is being handled so that you can submit these things to the insurance for reimbursement.

Do the Following Things if You are Injured

As a matter of general practice, if you’ve been in a car accident, regardless if you can feel any injuries or not, you need to get checked out by a medical professional. If you are injured, there are several things you should do.

• While at the scene, follow all directions provided to you by law enforcement and medical personnel

• Agree to visit the emergency room or urgent care if you’re advised to go or have someone else take you there

• Follow all of the physician’s orders throughout your recovery

• Attend all visits, interviews, and follow-up appointments as required

• Make any lifestyle or dietary changes requested by your doctor during this time

• Consider speaking to qualified GA accident attorneys who know how insurance companies work, and are not afraid to take them to Court.

You must also remember to inform Medicare of your accident and give them any information required during all of this. Do not lie to them about anything as it could risk payout or reimbursement of your medical expenses. A point person may be assigned to your case from Medicare to monitor it closely as it progresses.

What type of Compensation Can you Expect?

Many pieces of consideration factor into a personal injury settlement, even if you don’t have Medicare. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for resolution. Instead, there are programs, dictates, tiers, and rules to follow. All personal injury claims look at your medical bills, time off work, your current quality of life compared to your former quality of life, and any disabilities you may now have against what the insurance company agrees to pay.

However, in the case of Medicare, Medicare requires reimbursement for anything they paid out for your medical injuries whenever possible. Automatically, Medicare keeps a lien attached to any accident insurance claims whether someone files a personal injury lawsuit or not. This ruling means that until an insurance company settlement is finalized, you may not receive all of the funds immediately or funds from a payout at all. Once Medicare has been reimbursed in a manner that satisfies them, if anything is left over, then you’ll get the difference.

How Accident Attorneys in North Georgia Help

While going through this, if you’ve retained the assistance of an accident attorney in North Georgia, the accident attorney will work with you to gather information and evidence about the car accident, your injuries, witness reports, and work with law enforcement to collect data and records you might not easily have access to. The accident attorney will also work directly with your Medicare point person for you and fill out all necessary forms they can. For the things you must participate in alone, your attorney will guide you on answering and what to do. These combined things keep Medicare happy and increase the chances of your medical bills being paid, properly reimbursed back to Medicare, and hopefully, some leftover for you and your family.

Contact Your Trusted North Georgia Accident Attorneys

At Leibel Law, your first choice for a North Georgia personal injury lawyer, we specifically handle the complex, confusing, and time-consuming processes that Medicare insists you jump through. You don’t have to negotiate or discuss things with anyone about the accident except with your trusted North Georgia personal injury attorney or without the advice of your attorney. We comply with all governmental laws, and our experience gives you the peace of mind that Medicare won’t deny something based on a technicality! Call us today for an appointment!