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Punitive Damages

Damages Awarded to Punish the Responsible Party

There are different types of compensation a person can receive after he or she is injured in an accident. This compensation, which is also referred to damages, can be awarded through a personal injury claim settlement or a courtroom verdict. Compensatory damages are awarded for the purpose of making a victim whole again, or bringing restoration for that person’s financial, physical and emotional losses.

This might be through damages awarded for lost income, medical bills, physical and emotional suffering and more. On the other hand, punitive damages are damages that the court awards in order to simply inflict punishment on the negligent party, and to help deter others from committing similar acts of negligence. This is similar to how individuals convicted of crimes are ordered to pay fines as punishment for their offenses.

Punitive damages are usually applied in cases in which the defendant has been shown to have engaged in particularly egregious negligence. Wrongful death cases are some of the cases that might be more likely to receive these types of damages. Leibel Law holds a record verdict for punitive damages in the state of Georgia. We are experienced North Georgia personal injury lawyers who can aggressively push the appropriate punitive damages to be applied in your case.

How can punitive damages help victims?

Punitive damages are one way of obtaining justice against the party responsible for your pain and suffering. With these types of damages, the negligent party is faced with an even higher level of accountability. Punitive damages cannot restore the losses you suffered—they cannot make a permanent disability disappear, and they cannot replace a loved one whom you lost in a fatal accident. They can, however, help you receive some additional closure.

Furthermore, these punishment-focused damages send a message to others that such negligence is not going to be tolerated by the court. When other individuals see the punishment they could receive for acting negligently, they might become less inclined to put others in danger in the same way.

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