The Dangers of Harmful Chemicals

12 November 2021
Farmer spraying pesticide

There are many dangerous chemicals in our environment. Many of these chemicals prove to be harmful to the health of a person. Always beware of chemicals placed in the workplace and home place that have assurances from the manufacturer that they are safe. Our law firm is interested in helping people identify those chemicals, where lawsuits may be the only remedy to help get just compensation.

            One dangerous chemical is called Paraquat, which is an agent used in farming. It was a chemical that was supposed to be safe. Unfortunately, when a farmer gets harmfully exposed to Paraquat, it can cause severe damage to their neurological system. Parkinson’s Disease is a common side effect of exposure to Paraquat.

            A different dangerous chemical is in talcum powder. Many women who have suffered from exposure to toxins in baby powder get cervical cancer from that product. Talcum powder cases have resulted in multiple million-dollar verdicts against the manufacturer, Johnson & Johnson. By placing unsafe chemicals in the home forces people to bring lawsuits to receive compensation.

            Another chemical that has been at the forefront of the news media is the pesticide Roundup. Roundup contains the chemical Glyphosate. Many people who have had exposure to Roundup develop non-Hodgkin lymphoma and leukemia.

            Typically, veterans who worked in the boiler rooms during WWII develop Mesothelioma, affecting their lungs. A former client of mine brought claims for Mesothelioma up due to unlawful exposure to Asbestos. Resulting in compensation for his family because, unfortunately, he passed away during the pendency of the claim.      

Product liability laws protect innocent users from unlawful exposures to dangerous chemicals. Our society entrusts Lawyers to keep manufacturers’ honest. Unfortunately, the only way that people can get compensated for their losses is through the legal system. It is crucial for people who believe that they have been in contact with chemicals such as, Paraquat, Baby Powder, Roundup and Asbestos, to get in touch with an attorney to review their claims. Our product liability laws are imperative safeguards for our society to have. Allowing people to bring suits and claim against manufacturers for unlawful exposures; creates an environment where manufacturers and others are more careful.

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