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Why Hire An Injury Attorney

Representation from a North Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer

If you were injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you are going to need to file a personal injury claim that will likely be handled by the responsible party’s insurance company. Even if the claims process appears to be straightforward, it is vital that you hire a strong personal injury attorney to represent you during this time.

This is because insurance companies tend to look out for their own interests more than they look out for the interests of injury victims. They often use various tactics to try to minimize the amounts that are paid out in claim settlements.

The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Lawyer

When you have an aggressive lawyer on your side, that legal professional can help you determine what your case is worth so you do not get shortchanged by a settlement offer that is too low. Your lawyer can also serve as a tough negotiator on your behalf, or even as an aggressive litigator if your case needs to be handled through a lawsuit.

Our lead North Georgia personal injury attorney at the Leibel Law has more than three decades of trial experience and has obtained several record million-dollar verdicts, so he is fully familiar with the best methods for reaching success for his clients. Attorney Steven Leibel works with a team of skilled lawyers who help him bring injury victims the highest caliber of legal representation.

Don’t Put Your Financial Stability at Risk

When you fail to obtain the appropriate legal representation, you can easily be taken advantage of by the other party and that party’s insurance company. This means you could more easily miss out on full compensation for the expensive costs of your accident and injury. These costs might include medical bills, income lost from time spent out of work and various other expenses that you should not be responsible for paying.

There are many nuances related to personal injury cases that require the expertise of a trained legal professional. Don’t hesitate to contact our firm today or to fill out our online form a free case evaluation!